What Are the Best Ways to Have Casual Sex While on Vacation?

Best Ways to Have Casual Sex on Vacation

Whether you’re making early plans to visit family and friends over the holidays or only looking ahead to your next impromptu getaway, a vacation should be about fun, first and foremost. If you’re planning on being away long, then it makes sense that you’d be hoping to get laid a time or two while you’re gone.

Knowing a little casual sex would make your vacation perfect is one thing, though. Figuring out where to meet the right prospects, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar city, is a little more challenging. Here are some tips for simplifying the process, no matter where your travels take you next.

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Summer Flings Rock: Here’s Why You Should Have One

Summer Flings

Flings may not be for everyone, but if they’re for you, there’s no better way to make summer that much sweeter. After all, a connection with another person doesn’t need to be serious or long-term to be worth having, especially if you’re single and available. Here’s a closer look at why a summer fling is an awesome experience that’s well worth adding to your bucket list for the season.

Flings are just plain fun.

When you’re not choosing a potential partner with “forever” in mind, you’re free to pick someone who gets your blood pumping right now. Who cares whether they’ll make a good parent one day or live close enough for anything long-term to be practical? All that matters right now is whether they’ll make your summer more fun.

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12 Expert Tips for Having a Stellar Vacation Fling

Couple in water

Vacations are so wonderful because they have the potential to be whatever you want them to be. They can be relaxing or exhilarating. They can be all about blazing new trails and having the adventure of a lifetime or they can be about unwinding and taking it easy instead. At their best, vacations are all about getting away from it all and being open to new experiences of all types. What better time to try something a little different in the romance department?

Vacations flings are a great way to add a dose of fun and excitement to your time spent away from home, especially if you’ll be flying solo. However, finding the right person for sex and to enjoy one with can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look or get something started. The following tips can help you not only choose the right candidate for a vacation fling, but ensure that the experience is everything you’re looking for (and nothing you’re not) as well. Continue reading…