Frequently Asked Questions

Mixxxer: The Hookup App

Mixxxer shut down the hookup app in 2022 and transitioned to a lifestyle site focusing on dating and sex advice.

First off, thank you for being a customer!


All customer data, profiles, emails, passwords, photos, chat logs and billing information will be securely erased once the service has be shut down.

We’re doing this to ensure the complete privacy of our members. 

At the time of the announcement that Mixxxer was transitioning, all subscriptions had been cancelled.


No further billing will occur. 


Your payment data will be securely erased once Mixxxer’s app has been fully shutdown.

Unfortunately, once the app has been shut down, there will be no way to chat with that person. 


This is due to the fact that we will be deleting all data contained within the app. This includes profiles, emails and chat histories. 


Please wrap up any open conversations you currently have or move them to a new service like Ashley Madison.

General Questions

To help others explore their deepest desires. To help them discover new sides of their sexuality. And to show them how to have the most fun possible while being safe in this crazy world. 

Mixxxer’s staff is made up of writers from all walks of life. Gay, straight, swingers & married men. We don’t discriminate!


While we focus on advice and content geared towards men, we have several female writers on staff too. Including a sex therapist (& swinger) and an ex-porn actress.


There is no one right answer when it comes to dating and sex advice. And getting opinions from multipole perspectives is so important. So that is why we believe in have a diverse  pool of writers to learn from.  

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