Top 17 Immensely Funny Sexting Fails

Let’s be honest – we all love sex, and we all love our smartphones. They both involve exciting exploration, thrilling imagery and indulgent gratification, though it’s admittedly easier to play Angry Birds on one over the other. If your phone browser tabs include mobile dating sites or an adult dating app or two, you’ve successfully combined these two tools for personal pleasure – bravo! Unfortunately, not everyone manages to pull that off quite as easily. Though it’s sad for them, it’s pretty damn hilarious for the rest of us – here are 17 of the best sexting fails we’ve spotted:


Sexting Fail (1)

Getting down and dirty when your family has grown up is a challenge, but apparently so is keeping your cell phone contacts separate – whoops! Pro-tip: don’t have explicit sexts with your spouse and conversations with your kids at the same time.”


Sexting Fail (2)

“Sexy texting is a really hot way to hit up your booty call, but maybe nicknames are in order if your newest erotic partner shares a name with a parent? They’ll think it’s cute and you won’t be mentally scarred for life.”


Sexting-Fail (3)

“Okay people. Can we all just agree that the eggplant emoji is the international sign for dick? This train wreck looks like the sender is describing a bout of the flu he’s particularly thrilled about!”
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